The Fallen

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Christopher Kobierowski

Christopher Kobierowski, Delta Junction Fire Department, April 6, 2001

Christopher Kobierowski


Delta Junction Fire Department

Died: April 6, 2001

Assistant Chief Kobierowski was the driver of a 1,000-gallon pumper/tanker that was responding to a garage fire. As the apparatus neared the scene, the vehicle began to fishtail. In an effort to correct the skid, the right rear wheels of the apparatus went off the road. The apparatus left the right side of the road, rolled onto the driver’s side, and collided with a tree causing severe damage to the vehicle.

Responders on the scene of the structure fire witnessed the crash and ran to the scene to render aid. Assistant Chief Kobierowski and another firefighter were trapped in the cab. The windshield of the apparatus was removed, and the winch from an electrical utility service truck was used to remove the tree and to pull the roof of the cab open to allow access to the injured firefighters. Assistant Chief Kobierowski was removed and found to have a massive head injury. The other firefighter received minor injuries.

CPR was begun on Assistant Chief Kobierowski and continued on-scene for approximately 20 minutes until he was pronounced dead.

Assistant Chief Kobierowski was an incredible member of the Delta Junction Volunteer Fire Department who made it a priority to mentor the members of his Fire Department and worked tirelessly to provide excellent service the citizens of Delta Junction.  He will be greatly missed.

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