The Fallen

Dedicated to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Pilot, Co-Pilot, 2 flight crew

Pilot, Co-Pilot, 2 flight crew, N7974A, BLM, Alaska, June 22, 1968

Four Pilots and Flight Crew

PB4Y2 Air Tanker, N7974A

BLM, Alaska Fire Service

Died: June 22, 1968

While enroute to a fire after reloading in McGrath, an aerial fire tanker crashed into Joaquin Mountain killing the pilot, co-pilot, a helicopter mechanic, and a passenger. The aircraft was on contract to BLM from Hawkins and Powers Aviation in Greybull, Wyoming. The incident is recorded at NTSB #ANC69F0083. The aircraft registration was N7974A.

The names of the 4 killed in the incident have not been confirmed.

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