The Fallen

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Samuel Greiner

Samuel Greiner, BLM Alaska Fire Service, June 28, 1971

Samuel Greiner

Wildland Firefighter

BLM, Alaska Fire Service

Died: June 28, 1971

Wildland Firefighter Sam Greiner was killed in a helicopter accident near Lake Minchumina, outside of McGrath, Alaska. Information regarding the incident is not clear, but apparently an Alouette II helicopter that was carrying a crew from McGrath suffered an engine failure. While performing an emergency landing the helicopter rolled over on a steep bank or was knocked over by a sudden gust of wind. Ron Fitka of Marshal and Floyd Anderson of McGrath were helitak crewmen on the helicopter; Sam Greiner was the squad leader. He was struck by a main rotor blade while exiting the aircraft after the emergency landing.

This incident is logged in NTSB #ANC71AA062. Aircraft registration number was N4966.

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