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Samuel Greiner

Samuel Greiner, BLM Alaska Fire Service, June 28, 1971

Samuel Greiner

Wildland Firefighter

BLM, Alaska Fire Service

Died: June 28, 1971

Wildland Firefighter Sam Greiner was killed in a helicopter accident near Lake Minchumina, outside of McGrath, Alaska. Information regarding the incident is not clear, but apparently an Alouette II helicopter that was carrying a crew from McGrath suffered an engine failure. While performing an emergency landing the helicopter rolled over on a steep bank or was knocked over by a sudden gust of wind. Ron Fitka of Marshal and Floyd Anderson of McGrath were helitak crewmen on the helicopter; Sam Greiner was the squad leader. He was struck by a main rotor blade while exiting the aircraft after the emergency landing.

This incident is logged in NTSB #ANC71AA062. Aircraft registration number was N4966.

Sam Greiner, was born December 2, 1930. He was a Korean War Veteran who served in the Air Force 137th Special Operations Wing.  Both of his parents, who died in 2000, bequeathed their mortal remains to further medical education and research in Oklahoma.

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