The Fallen

Dedicated to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Phillip E. Rounds

Phillip E. Rounds, Battalion Chief University of Alaska Fire Dept. , Nov. 21, 2008

Phil Rounds was a Battalion Chief for the University of Alaska Fire Department in Fairbanks; and before that at the Eilson Air Force Base Fire Department. Chief Rounds died due to a career exposure to the byproducts of fires.

The University Fire Department employees are firefighters as they move through college. This generally takes place for each firefighter a space of 4-6 years.. Since the firefighters move through the department rather quickly, the command staff has the opportunity to provide leadership to a very large number of people. Phil was part of that command staff and provided leadership to countless firefighters. Individuals he mentored are in fire departments across the country. Phil will always have a special place for them. 

During the 2017 September 11thFirefighter Memorial Ceremony Battalion Chief Rounds was remembered by:

a.   Retired Fire Chief Bob Lee

b.   Chief Ben Fleagal

c.   Phil’s Brother, Pete Rounds

Placing his plaque on the wall, and reminding us all that he will Never Be Forgotten were:

a.    Retired Fire Chief Bob Lee

b.    Chief Ben Fleagal

c.    Retired Capt. Jerry Phillips

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