The Fallen

Dedicated to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Tim McKeown

Tim McKeown, Mat-Su Borough Fire Rescue, September 1, 2006

Tim McKeown

Emergency Medical Technician

Willow Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department

Died: September 1, 2006

The following was provided by friends on the Willow Fire and Ambulance Department.

Tim McKeown was 68 years old when he responded on his final call. He “officially” joined the Willow Fire and Ambulance Department in July of 1998 but had worked for some time prior to that to help establish the ambulance services in the Willow/Sunshine areas. He was a highly dedicated responder and would respond any time, day or night, regardless of the weather or situation.

On September 1, 2006 he and his wife, Virgie, responded to a call that was close to their residence. The patient was complaining of chest pain and an ambulance was enroute. As Tim and Virgie were assessing the patient, Tim suddenly collapse without warning. Virgie began CPR and the responding ambulance arrived shortly and assumed the care of Tim while another unit was dispatched to the original patient. After a lengthy attempt to resuscitate, Tim died at the scene.

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